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                                              PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE



  Hey members, its September and hopefully a little bit cooler temperatures. I would like to thank Driller's Service, Inc. for hosting our last meeting. The Association can always count on DSI to help out. Thanks again.

  Mark Reno gave an excellent presentation and we thank him for helping us get one more CEC. Mark has been a member of the association and helping out for quite a long time. Thanks again, Mark.

  The association is currently looking for nominations for vice president. November is coming up soon and we need someone to step up and volunteer to help out the cause. it is an easy job and doesn't take a lot of time. I know because I did it for two years. so it can't be that hard! So help us out and let's get involved!

  All right then. I will see you in Live Oak for some more education, some great food and great fellowship.

Don't forget to come early at 6:30 pm,

Cordially, Charlie

“We won’t have a society if we destroy the environment.”

Margaret Mead, Anthropologist




"A penny saved is a penny earned" Ben Franklin